Chess Boards

Chess is said to be the kings’ game, not only because of its historical significance, but also because of the nature of the game. A chess board is designed to replicate two armies at war on a battle ground. It is a square board, divided further into sixty four squares in two colors of alternate dark and light (not exactly black and white) shades. Due to the ancient origin of the game and its royal nature, chess boards are available in wide range of exquisite varieties.

Generally chess boards are available in two types, viz. chess boards without chess pieces and chess sets including the chess board and the chess pieces. Just like in the ancient times, there used to be chosen battle grounds due to their suitability, on which different armies fought, the chess boards should also be permanent in nature. Thus, while choosing chess boards, one should look at the quality and durability rather than putting a lot of stress on the economy. The pieces can be purchased separately matching the chess board. Further, the pieces can be purchased many times as and when required.

Generally two kinds of people buy chess boards; first, people who are avid followers of the game and second, people who buy chess boards as a piece of decoration. For the second class of people, it is more important that they choose the most exquisite piece of chess board, matching their environment of display and separately buy chess pieces to match the chess board. It goes without saying that for an avid follower of the game, chess should always be played on the best possible board.

While playing a game of chess, the opponents are at war and it needs to be fought in a royal manner. Thus, the chess board needs to be the best as per one's taste.