Designs and Types of Chess Boards

Since from the inception of the game, chess boards have been designed in different parts of the world according to the playing styles and rich taste. Different designs of the chess board are primarily dependent upon few parameters like shape, material used, surface design, colour combination and designs as per specific usage.

The chess board is generally square in shape with square corners. Certain chess boards are also available with round corner to flaunt a contemporary look. However, both the traditional and contemporary shapes are chosen as per taste of the users.

Chess boards across the world are made of various kinds of materials like wood, leather, metals, glass, marble, stone, vinyl, paper boards etc. Chess boards made of glass, stone, metals and marble are mainly used as decorative pieces, whereas wooden and leather chess boards are used for both playing the game and as decorative pieces. Chess boards made up of vinyl and paper boards are used across the world for playing the game.

A lot of innovation has gone into designing the surface of the chess board. Normally, the surface of the chess board is flat, plain and polished. However, now-a-days raised playing surfaces and three dimensional surfaces are also in use. Some of the leather chess boards are also designed with anti-slide surface.

The colour of the chess boards has been a matter of attraction for the users and collectors of chess boards. For the dark shaded squares, black, brown, burgundy, grey etc are generally used, where as for the lighter shades, white, cream, caramel etc are used.

Different designs of chess boards are innovated to cater to different kind of usage. For a mobile user, some chess boards are designed as boxes to carry chess pieces and magnetic chess boards for a game during travel.