What to look for to find a quality chess board

Chess boards in majority now-a-days are made of wood. About ninety percent of the chess boards manufactured all around the world are made of different type of wood. While focusing on the quality of chess boards, one needs to look at different parameters such as quality of wood, size of the board, size of the smaller squares, thickness of the board, quality of polishing, design standards and innovations made.

The majority of the chess boards are made of rose wood, ebony, sheesham wood, red wood, walnut, sycamore etc. The finest chess boards are generally carved out of high quality rose wood, red wood and ebony, since these types of woods are hard to work on and takes more time. The more time it takes to carve, the more is the cost.

The size of the board and the size of the smaller squares on the board drive the quality of the board, since it can accommodate better quality and larger chess pieces. With the same, the thickness of the board also adds to the quality, because of stability. The over all impact is on the weight of the board. The overall weight of the board is the major driving factor, so far as quality conscious customers are concerned.

The quality of polishing, design standards and workmanship add to the overall appearance of the chess board, enhancing its value. At times the chess boards are applied with reddish, caramel or burgundy polishing for an outstanding finish. Workmanship is more important when it comes to customers who appreciate Victorian, Russian, Indian or other specific styles of designing.

Innovations such as providing space at the edges, raised surfaces, three dimensional surfaces, box shaped boards etc. also add to the value of a chess board.