Where are the majority of Chess Boards are manufactured in the world?

In ancient times, chess was being widely played in India, Europe and Russia. Keeping the traditional values, world class chess board manufacturing units have been there in India, Poland and the Russian Federation. China has been a comparatively new entrant in the domain of chess board manufacturing. However, the quality and pricing of the chess boards manufactured in China are lower, as compared to others.

India over the time has emerged as a global manufacturing and export hub of high quality chess boards, especially the wooden, marble and glass chess boards. The manufacturing facilities are mainly based in Amritsar and Chandigarh, both in the northern part of India. Since a lot of marble mines are there in Rajasthan, exquisite marble chess boards are also carved in India.

The Russian Federation boasts of manufacturing high quality hand made wooden chess boards. The Russian style is mainly decorative and the chess boards are as exquisite as the chess boards manufactured in India and Poland.

Poland is another manufacturing hub of chess boards, specializing in the contemporary European designing and workmanship. The Polish facilities offer wide varieties of chess boards such as decorative chess boards, stone chess boards, amateur chess boards and chess boards for three players. The various quality standards like craftsmanship, weight of the boards, appropriate polishing and customized production are few hallmarks of the Polish chess industry. Few chess boards are also made and exported from Tunisia.

China has been a comparatively new entrant in the arena of chess board manufacturing. The Chinese facilities cover almost all varieties of wooden and plastic chess boards. The pricing of the chess boards are quite low and so is the quality. Nevertheless, China has its own share of chess board manufacturing and export in the global market.