Where Can I Buy Chess Boards

Chess, being a royal game, has been played with chess boards created with splendid designs and meticulous craftsmanship. There are many ranges of chess boards available in the market now-a-days. Quality chess boards are generally manufactured in India and Poland, with China being a new entrant in the arena of chess board manufacturing.

Since the manufacture of chess boards happen at different locations, it is better to approach a concern that would have sourcing expertise of quality chess boards from different location. In that case a customer gets a wide range of options to choose from. The chess boards after getting manufactured have to pass through a rigorous process of quality control. The quality inspection needs to be done to ensure the quality of basic raw material such as wood, metal, marble etc. and the quality of other raw materials used, weight, craftsmanship, design quality etc.

A customer of chess board, whether needing a chess board as a show piece or for game of chess, needs to approach a concern that can source chess boards from various manufacturing bases, specifying the contemporary and traditional designs to the manufacturers and that can undertake rigorous quality control. This is required since the cost of good chess boards can range from $20 to $500! (US)

One of the concerns that specialize in availing world class chess boards is ChessBaron at www.ChessBaron.co.uk. Chess Baron has a very hard earned reputation for providing exquisite chess boards to customers. customers in the USA may visit ChessBaron USA. Another reputed place for getting quality chess boards is SAC, also known as The Traditional Games Company.

Both the above concerns specialize in a wide variety of chess boards made of wood, metal, stone and other materials. All types of contemporary and traditional designs with the best craftsmanship available can be found with both the concerns.